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Tool application videos

Roller cabs and Containers    
C22S C23S C24SL
C24S C24S C24SA
c28 C39 C41S
C41H CX52  
Torque wrenches and multipliers    
601 599DGT 1927CD - 720PL/C5 - 606/20
Electronic torquw angle protactor Electronic torque wrench Reversible impact wrench - impact sockets
Hexagon sockets    
900/C39 96/BG7 96SC9
1128BSX 1131CK 1609C/C5
Electrician's scissors Kevlar® scissors Crimping tools
1640K 1740B 1741U
Punching machine Riveting Pliers Riveting Pliers
General maintenance tools    
Magnetic lamp    
961 960TP - 960AD/TP 1498CB/80
Videoscope Digital pressure tester Electronic car/motorcycle battery charger
1471PN/50 1760/TC2 1759HD
Pneumatic tool for pushing back
and rotating right and left disc brake pistons
Digital tachometer Cooling system seal tester
1498TB/W 1469D 1429/SB7 - 1428/SB11 - 1430/S5
Wireless digital tester for batteries Digital brake fluid tester Pullers for damaged screws and stud bolts


560/C6 - 710/C10 1467E 1498TB/ST
Torque multipliers - Impact sockets Electronic instrument for brake fluid replacement Digital tester


1838/10LED 1467LF 1838SL
rechargeable LED inspection lamp instrument for brake fluid replacement Ultra-thin inspection lamp
961P6 1928DA - 1928CD 1547/C6
Electronic videoscope reversible impact wrench dummy ball bearing extractors
BETA UTENSILI S.P.A. - Cap. Soc. Eur 1.000.000 i.v. Via Volta 18 – 20845 Sovico (MB) – Italy
Cod. Fisc. 09321470966 – Partita IVA (VAT) IT09321470966 - Reg. Impr. Monza e Brianza 09321470966 – R.E.A. MB 1909778